NT4: Pre-Grouping Wagon Sheets (pack of 10)

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Printed paper sheets (tarpaulins).

Manufacturer: Smiths
Railway Company: (CLC) Cheshire Lines Committee, (GNSR) Great North of Scotland Railway, (LTSR) London Tilbury & Southend Railway, (MSWJR) Midland & South Western Junction Railway, (NSR) North Staffordshire Railway, CamRys, GCR, GER, LNWR, LSWR
Scale: 2mm - N, 2FS etc.

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One each for the:

Cambrian Railways
Cheshire Lines Committee
Great Central Railway
Great Eastern Railway
Great North of Scotland Railway
London Tilbury & Southend Railway
London & North Western Railway
London & South Western Railway
Midland & South Western Junction Railway
North Staffordshire Railway

Size of each sheet is 48mm x 34mm.

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Weight 5 g