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Not more terms & conditions; not a help page; not an FAQ page; but something of a combination of all three. Further explanations of why things are as they are, and hints on using the site and the products. Topics are in alphabetical order – use your browser’s Ctrl+F search function to move around quickly. Being added to as we think of more things to write.

Advance orders
Advance orders for collection at shows are welcome – you can elect to pay when placing the order, or at the show itself. In either case, the P&P charges will be deducted. Don’t be put off ordering in advance if you’re not sure if you will be attending or not – the packed items will just go on the shelves as stock items. Please order in advance if your order is particularly large or complex, as this saves time for both of us on the day.

Altering a web order
Once placed, you cannot add to a web order, as we are not allowed to increase the amount taken from your card. You will need to place another order, and if it arrives before the first one is despatched, we will delete one lot of P&P charges. You may still amend it, so long as the changes do not cause the original amount to be exceeded.

Card payments
We take credit and debit cards under the Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB brands. We are PCI-DSS compliant.

Cheques and Postal Orders
We are happy to accept payment by cheque or Postal Order – please make them payable to Wizard Models Limited, and not any other of our business or personal names.

Current paper price list – not as up to date as this web site!
Mashima motor drawings

No Facebook, sorry…

Kit contents
So-called “complete kits” generally exclude wheels, bearings, motor, gearbox, couplings, paint and transfers, although there are exceptions. Please ask if you’re not sure what you are getting for your money.

We cannot send liquids through the post. You can order and pay for them on the site, but you will need to collect them at a show.

Loco driving wheels
We only sell insulated wheels, suitable for 00 and EM. They are priced singly, so you will also need to order another wheel, an axle and crankpins for a complete wheelset.

Minimum order value
We do not have a minimum order value, but the P&P charge is £3.90 for the UK for all orders, and a minimum of £3.90 for overseas orders.

Multiple scales
If ordering items in more than one scale, please say that this is deliberate via the order notes box on the checkout page. Otherwise, you are likely to get a phone call or e-mail asking if you really meant to do this.

Narrow gauge modelling
Apart from the Paul Windle 009 couplings, we don’t stock any narrow-gauge specific items. However, if in 4mm scale for example, you filter on 4mm – all gauges this will eliminate items that are 00, EM or P4 specific, leaving those which we consider are suitable for any 4mm scale model. This usually means infrastructure items, but also may include rolling stock items that could be used on a narrow gauge model such as torpedo vents and so on. Please note that the process of allocating items to the correct scale/gauge combination is ongoing, so you may need to filter more widely to find the items you want.

No pictures…
Yes, it is a bit disappointing that a lot of the products don’t have a picture yet, but then they didn’t on the predecessor sites either. We are slowly working through this; if there’s a picture you desperately need to see, just let us know. The same applies to the product instruction sheets that were a feature of the MSE and Comet sites, although older versions of the sheets may still be found there.

OO and O gauges
You won’t find them, because we use 00 and 0 instead!

Out of stock items
Orders placed via SagePay time out after 28 days, after which we cannot take payment. Items shown as out of stock are thus those which are unlikely to be back in stock within this period, and you cannot order them on the website (contact us if you want go on the alert list for them). Other items may also be out of stock temporarily, but expected within 28 days. They will be shown on the site as in stock and you may order them, but processing your order will be delayed until they appear. If they still don’t turn up in time then depending on their relative value they will go on back order, with the rest of the order despatched, or we may contact you to see if you agree for payment to be taken in advance and the whole order despatched at a later date.

Payment timing
Payment is only taken (i.e. the money moves from your account to ours) when your order is processed, and not at the time of ordering. However, if paying via SagePay, a “shadow” is put on your card which counts against your credit limit or account balance.

Sorry, we don’t take PayPal. Or bitcoin…

Personal data
To process your order, we need your delivery address, and your card address if this is different. We also need your e-mail address so the site can inform you whether your order was accepted or not. Your phone number is helpful but not mandatory, even though the checkout page says it is. If you don’t want to provide one, just put 01652 635885 (the Wizard Models number) as the format is checked. All this data is collected securely by the Wizard Models site. Your card details are collected by our payment agent SagePay on their site – we never see them. In processing your order, your contact details are entered into our customer database, but they are deleted from the website once the order has been processed. You may request a copy of the information held on you in the database, or its deletion. We also keep a paper copy of your order (plus some of your card details if you have chosen to pay by phone or post). We are required to keep the card details for 18 months, and the paper order until seven years have elapsed since the end of the financial year (August-July) in which the order was placed. Once no longer required, the paper records are incinerated. No personal data will be passed to third parties, with the exception of SagePay, the Webmaster, and any ultimate purchaser of Wizard Models Limited.

Railway companies
Products are listed under the building company, and all subsequent companies that used that item. For example, L&YR carriage LYRD084 is listed under the L&YR, LMS and BR. On the other hand, Bulleid carriage S1 is not listed under the SR, as they weren’t built until 1949, despite being an SR design. For these purposes, the pre-1923 amalgamation of the L&YR and LNWR, and the H&BR and NER are ignored, as are train operating companies after BR’s privatisation in the 1990s. Infrastructure items (mainly signalling) are listed under Railtrack and Network Rail as well as BR, if they lasted that long.

Rolling stock wheels
We only sell insulated wheels, suitable for 00, EM, P4 and 0. They are priced as two wheels on one axle, but without bearings.

Scales and Gauges
Most items on the site are scale-specific, and within a given scale, some are gauge specific. Sorting out the gauge specific and non-specific items is on-going, so in 4mm scale for example you may need to filter on both 4mm – all scales and 4mm – 00, EM, P4 to find some items. You may assume that all items listed as 4mm – P4 are also suitable for S4. Items are allocated to scale and gauge according to the form in which they are supplied. Thus, Comet loco frames and chassis packs are listed for 00 only, but may be used in EM and P4 by changing the frame spacers.

The text string you enter in the search box is looked for in the product titles and the information on the product pages. Hits are counted when the string is found anywhere, not just as a whole “word” or at the start of a phrase or sentence. For example, entering SC001 will find products SC001, SC0011, SC0012 etc. It will also find S4/KS2, because SC0017 is mentioned in the product description. It would also find BSC001 etc, if such a string existed. Wildcards are not permitted, e.g. entering SC00* or SC00? will not find anything. Use the product categories, manufacturer, railway company, scale and price filters if you get too many hits.

No Twitter either. There was an account, but it’s been deactivated due to only so many hours in the day to do things.

US and Canada
We are happy to export to the US and Canada, but our insurance company will only cover us if less than 2% of our annual turnover is to these countries. You will be advised to delay your order until the next financial year (starts 1 August) if this limit is breached.

Wizard Models Limited is VAT registered (no. GB 911 3584 42). Both VAT inclusive and VAT exclusive prices are shown on the site, the current rate being 20%. The VAT status of an order depends on where it is being sent to, and not where the payment is made from. For example, if you order from Australia but want the items delivered to a relative in UK to pick up when you are over here on holiday, then we cannot deduct the VAT, as we cannot prove to the UK VAT authorities that the goods have been exported. You may be able to get a VAT refund at your departure port however. Conversely, if the same UK relative orders the goods for us to post to Australia, then VAT will be deducted. EU customers who are themselves VAT registered should not order via the website, but place the order by other means.

Windows 7
If you are using Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 10 or 11, you may experience problems putting items in the basket or checking out. If this happens, either try another browser, or place the order by phone.

Still there, but is not being maintained.

Still there, but the only maintenance is price updates and the deletion of discontinued products.

Still there, but the only maintenance is price updates and the deletion of discontinued products.

This site is now defunct and has a redirect in place to this one.

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