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Adding live stock levels is now complete, except for: most of the signal kits; virtually all the carriage kits; and most of the wagon kits. The exceptions are complex to do as they each share a lot of common parts. The webmaster is working on it though.

Today we have begun the task of adding live stock levels to the site. The first category of stock to feature this is wheels and their sundry items, as this was thought to cause the most customer annoyance if only receiving a part order. Other categories will be added over the coming weeks – it’s a manual process, so will take some time to finish.

We’ve had a delivery of 12″ and 13″ buffer heads today, which means the following products are back in stock: GCRC010, LNWC021, LOC412, LOC413, LYRC025, UC019, UC020, UC030.

Lots of 51L Wizard Wheels and Alan Gibson items are now back in stock.

The changes to the P&P rates have been made, and the Terms & Conditions etc. amended accordingly. Please let us know if you spot any anomalies. Orders placed before the change and not yet processed will be charged at the old rates.

There will be changes to P&P rates from Monday 12th February. The standard UK P&P rate will increase from £3.90 to £5.40. However, all UK orders will then be sent by Royal Mail “Signed For”, which hopefully will decrease the number of missing orders. For overseas orders, the rate will increase from £21.00 to £27.00. As before, this is a maximum – when processing the order, the amount will be adjusted to the actual Tracked and Signed Airmail cost plus 75p for packaging.

The phone line is now sorted out, although it took longer than we were expecting. The old answerphone has been dumped; if we don’t answer the phone, it now switches to BT’s 1571 service for you to leave a message. We also now have a back-up mobile facility for phone calls and internet should there be any future problems with the phone line.

There may be some difficulty contacting us by phone over the next few days as the line is being switched to digital voice. The website and email should be unaffected, although we won’t be able to access either for a short time whilst the changeover is actually being made.

70, 145 and 180 solders are back in stock.

With the start of our new financial year being tomorrow, sales to the US and Canada have been restored in anticipation.

We have reached the annual sales limit to the US and Canada imposed by our insurers, so the website has been altered temporarily to no longer accept orders from these countries. It will be reset on 1 August, the start of our financial year. Also, we will be without power on 21 June due to tree work near the overhead power lines. We will not be able to process orders, nor answer phone calls or e-mails on that day.

Three new Great Central carriage components today: interlocking end fenders (GCRC013, £5.10 for 2 sets); lavatory water tank fillers (GCRC014, £2.10 for 12); and lavatory roof vents (GCRC015, £2.10 for 12).

The Kirk plastic roof for 61’6″ Gresley carriages (C10B) is back in stock. The price has increased to £6.00 though.

We’ve had an Alan Gibson delivery today, so a lot of wheels and associated items are back in stock. All the back orders we could fulfil from it are to be posted tomorrow.

A large Markits delivery has just arrived. Assuming everything ordered is in there (and it looks to be), all the back orders will be processed in the next couple of days, then items will be put back in stock. That’s the good news. The bad news is there will be price increases on a lot of these products, and probably also on Comet items which are dependent on them.

Closure of Eileen’s Emporium – we have good stocks of most of the Bill Bedford items we sourced from Eileen’s, but once sold out, further supplies may take a long time. Buy now if you want them!

Another Alan Gibson delivery today. All AG and Wizard wheels are now back in stock, as are 13″ buffer heads and the sprung buffer packs which use them.
You may have heard that one of the etching firms used by a lot of kit producers recently ceased trading. All our tools there have been transferred to another etcher, but you are warned that there will be substantial (50% to 100% and maybe even more) price increases on some items, particularly the 51L carriage kits and lineside items. Order quickly if you don’t want to be caught.

Lots of wheels and other Alan Gibson items are now back in stock. There has been a price increase on many items though.

All the price changes have been made. Orders already placed and paid for but not yet processed are unaffected.

The speed problem has now been fixed. This was a general problem at the hosting company and was not specific to the Wizard Models site. That’s the good news. The bad news is there will be a large number of price increases on 10 July. Some of these will be quite substantial, particularly for wagon kits – the cost of whitemetal has doubled since this time last year.

We are aware that the site is being very slow. The hosting company is looking into it.

The 3/4mm scale ready assembled Sprat & Winkle couplings (AC3/3R) are back in stock. The other scale versions are to follow in due course.

We’ve had a large Alan Gibson delivery today. As usual, back orders will be processed first, then items will be put back in stock.

21/3/22 – 2140 GMT
It looks like Opayo/Sagepay is working again, although their monitoring site says it’s still down.

21/3/22 – 1612 GMT
Opayo/Sagepay are having problems (no idea what) so you are currently unable to pay online. Please pay by BACS or wait until we say the problems are resolved. Selecting payment by phoning/posting does not help as Sagepay is also used for this.

We’ve had a large Markits delivery today. Assuming everything ordered is in there (and it looks to be), all the back orders will be processed in the next couple of days, then items will be put back in stock. The worms are definitely there, so the Comet gearbox range will be available again.

Happy New Year everyone! All the price increases have been made.

Christmas/New Year post – normal despatches on Monday 20/12 and Thursday 23/12. After that, it will be Thursday 30/12 then back to normal from Thursday 6/1.

I will be busy over the next two weeks with the Hull Show and various domestic things, so mail order may get a few days behind.


The promised new Markits wheels are: WH200D – 4’0″ 10 spoke for the GWR 4400 2-6-2T and GER J65-69 0-6-Ts; WH201B – 4’6″ 14 spoke for the BR Class 08, 09, 12 and 13 diesel shunters; and WH201C – 4’6″ 14 spoke for various LBSCR, NBR and NER classes. All are £6.54 each.

We’ve just had a large Markits delivery. All the back orders will go out first, then items will be put back in stock. Also some new wheel types, to be added later.

Due to a combination of stocktaking and emergency plumbing repairs (neither of which are finished yet), everything is around 2-3 days behind. We should have caught up by the weekend.

17/6/21 – 1359 BST
Sagepay/Opayo appear to have fixed their problem, and everything seems to be working normally.

17/6/21 – 1220 BST
Sagepay/Opayo are experiencing difficulties, so you cannot pay online at present. You can still place orders online and pay by BACS or phone us with your card details. We don’t know how long the problem is likely to last.

The long awaited Markits order has arrived. All the back and current orders we now have stock for have been packed for posting tomorrow, and all items delivered are now showing as in stock on the website.

A message from the HMRS transfer sales manager in response to a recent trade order we placed:

I’m afraid that due to the worsening supply position for transfers we have decided that for the moment we will not be able to supply the trade. One of our printers has gone out of business, and the other has not only failed to deliver on outstanding orders since February last year, but has now told us that they are unable to do any printing for us in the foreseeable future. Consequently, with the replenishment of stocks proving impossible, we have had to come to this decision. When the situation changes I will let you know, but at the moment I have no idea when that will be.

We still have stocks of some sheets, but those showing as out of stock are likely to remain so for some time. They may still be available from HMRS themselves.

Following a large delivery, many Alan Gibson products are back in stock.

The phone is now working again.

1/2/21 – 1958 GMT
Our phone line is faulty again. Internet service is intermittent and the phone is not working. We have a backup for e-mail and receiving and processing orders. Some better news – various HMRS transfers are now back in stock.

4/1/21 – 2235 GMT
SagePay/Opayo seems to have got over its difficulties so the shopping facility has been restored.

A new wagon kit is released today. It’s the final one in the trilogy of GC mineral wagons – the Diagram 21 10T loco coal wagon. Order code is GCRD021, price £18.00. Some of the RDEB GN and LNER carriage underframes are also now available separately from their parent kits.

Christmas post – remaining despatches this year are: Thursday 17th, Monday 21st and Thursday 31st. Back to the new normal of Mondays and Thursdays from Monday 4th January.

Most of the turned steel buffers in the LOC4xx, UC0xx and ABWC0xx series are now back in stock.

The long awaited Markits order has arrived. A number of products will be back in stock in the next day or so, together with a few new ones.

All the price changes have been made. We have also added a new way of looking at the site – click on Catalogue View on the main menu to check it out.

Lots of Alan Gibson products are now back in stock.

Advance warning – there will be a goodly number of price increases over the weekend of 31 October/1 November.

Many of the constituent parts of the RDEB carriage kits are to be made available separately over the next few weeks. First up is GNRC007, the standard GNR/ECJS 8’6″ wide carriage ends. They are priced at £9.90 for a pack of 2.

GEM point levers and lever frames are back in stock, but with substantial price increases.

Consett iron ore hopper buffers (BRC045) are back in stock.

Another advance notice – we will be starting stocktaking on 13 July. This usually takes around 3-4 days, so response times to orders may be extended.

Advance notice – our payment agent SagePay is changing its name to Opayo. This takes place on 13 July, so don’t be surprised if you see unfamiliar logos on the payment pages.

Following a delivery today, a lot of Markits products are now back in stock, including a new wheel for the LMS Jinty 0-6-0T (WH201A).

Two new products today for the LMS Coronation Pacifics: double chimney (LS87) and vacuum ejector (LS88). Both are £2.10 each. Also, LOC412, LOC413, UC019 and UC020 buffers are back in stock.

A lot of Alan Gibson products are now back in stock.

The second of our trio of GCR mineral wagon kits is released today – the Diagram 20 end door wagon. Order code is GCRD020, price £16.50. The Diagram 21 loco coal wagon is to follow.

A new product – LNER/BR hopper wagon solebar steps. Order code is BRC001, £3.00 for a pack of 12.

We have just had a delivery from our major etchers, so a lot of items will be coming back into stock over the next few days.

Most of the wagon buffers with turned steel heads are now back in stock. This means that most of the 51L wagon kits will be back in stock too, over the next few days. We now stock Markits short and medium handrail knobs, to go with the long ones we already had.

You can now pay for your order by direct BACS transfer to our bank account. Select BACS payment on the checkout page then follow the instructions on the order confirmation.

A new product – replacement frames for RTR BR B1 bogies. Owners of large, intensively used layouts find that plastic RTR bogies often wear out, leading to poor running. These etched frames, used in conjunction with the original sideframes and close couplings provide an effective replacement without significantly adding to train weight. They are suitable for 00, EM and P4. Order code is BB1R, price £4.80 for a pair of bogies.

A new wagon kit released today – the GCR Diagram 19 mineral wagon. Order code is GCRD019, price £18.00. The related Diagram 20 mineral and Diagram 21 loco coal wagons are to follow.

It’s the Doncaster show this weekend. We are on Stand 6, our usual spot on the left as you come in.

Our first show of the new year this coming weekend – Pontefract.

Happy New Year/Decade! And the good news is – no routine price increases today. Instead, they will be done in the summer, once shows are finished with.

Merry Christmas everyone! Adding photos to the website is more entertaining than what’s on the telly today…

A large delivery from Alan Gibson has arrived, so a lot of products are now back in stock, including the Mainly Trains GWR 14xx detailing pack.

CRC010, LYRC020, MRC020, NBRC020, NERC020, NERC022 and NERC028 steel-headed wagon buffers are now back in stock. This also means that the 51L wagon kits using these buffers will also soon be available again – we will be checking this week that all the other parts for these kits are to hand, so keep an eye on each wagon’s web page for availability.

Rebuilt Royal Scot running plate sandboxes are now available as a separate item – order code LS86, £1.20 for a pack of 2.

Some GEM products are now back in stock, but with a substantial price increase. Still no levers or lever frames though.

Peterborough this coming weekend is our last show of 2019. We are in our usual spot, by the door into the main hall (Stand 19).

Our next show is Wakefield (the local club show) this coming Friday to Sunday.

As an experiment, we are restocking the Comet dining car turned brass table lamps. The first one, for the LMS and early Pullman cars is now available, code C62 (£6.90 for 16). Other types (LNER, GWR) to follow if there is a demand.

Hull Show this coming weekend. We are on Stand 13.

LYRC001 L&Y Pug chimneys are back in stock.

The phone line was repaired yesterday, and has been working fine since, so everything is back to normal.

Our phone line is down (probably just wet rather than adversely affected by gravity). This means that although you can place and pay for orders on the website, we will only intermittently see them or be able to process them using a back up system until it is restored. BT haven’t yet told us when this might be.

SC0017 4mm scale L&YR/LC&DR signal finials are back in stock, £2.40 for a pack of 5.

Markits boiler washout plugs are now stocked, £2.70 for a pack of 12. Order codes are M4WASHD for the disc type, and M4WASHI for the insert type. MT244 GWR whitemetal buffers stops are back in stock.

Our next show is Scaleforum on 28-29 September. We are on Stand 2, next one along from the Society Stores.

Expo EM Autumn this weekend. Remember it’s at the new venue of Kettlethorpe High School, Wakefield WF2 7EL. We are on Stand 30, in the gym (PE kit optional).

LS47 (short) and LS48 (tall) Ivatt Class 2 chimneys are back in stock. Limited quantities for now, more in about two weeks.

Lots of HMRS transfers back in stock and more added, including LNWR locos, carriages and wagons, and Pullman numbers, lettering, crests and lining.

All prices updated and the new price list pdf posted. The start of our final show season will soon be here – Wells (including Scalefour Southwest) on 10/11 August. We are on Stand 27 in the Indictment Room, which is the one at the end of the long narrow corridor. We’ve not been in this room before, so bring plenty of cash in case the card machine doesn’t like it.

There will a few price increases on Sunday 21 July, after which a new version of the price list pdf will be posted.

The Mainly Trains range of etched brass fencing and windows has been reintroduced – see product codes MT261-267.

S010/2, 7mm scale GER signal arms and fittings, are back in stock.

NEW – Thompson LNER carriage window reinforcement frames (C61) are now available – £6.00 for a pack to do one carriage. They were fitted to most square-cornered window gangwayed stock in early BR days, to avoid corrosion damage.

Motion sets for the Ivatt LMS 2MT 2-6-2T (LM11) and 2-6-0 (LM16) are now available separately from the parent chassis packs, priced £12.50 each.

Fifteen types of Alan Gibson bogie/tender wheels have been added today.

Our final show of the season is Railex at Aylesbury. We are in our usual spot, on the left hand wall as you come in.

We now stock Markits LNER J94 and SR pacific 00/EM driving wheels, price £6.54 each. Order codes are WH200A and WH209B respectively.

Expo EM is this coming weekend, 18/19 May. We should be in our usual spot, at the far end of the right hand wall as you come in.

Our next show is Bristol (Thornbury) on 3-5 May. We are in Hall 2, Stand 87 – our usual spot.

It’s nearly Easter, and the York Show. Open Saturday, Sunday and Monday, we are on Stand 45, the usual spot next to Bachmann.

Three new products today: E18S, Thompson D332 FK sides with round-cornered windows (£10.50) and the corresponding full kit E18K (£45.50). Also, MR Westinghouse carriage brake cylinder and reservoir, MRC001 (£1.80 for a pack of 2).

Our next show is Scalefour North in Wakefield on 6 & 7 April. We are on Stand 16, in the far left hand corner from the entrance.

All Wizard Wheels are now back in stock.

We’ve been unpacking an Alan Gibson delivery today – quite a few items are now back in stock, especially EM wheels.

Another apology for the site’s bad behaviour and unavailability over the past few days. Everything should now be back to normal but please report any unusual occurrences. LS0030 and C26 are now back in stock.

Our apologies for the visual misbehaviour of the site over the past few days. All should be fixed now, and as a bonus everything seems much faster. Mashima MH1628 motors are now sold out.

Wagon news – the masters for two new GCR wagon kits (diagram 19 loco coal and diagram 27 coal) have arrived. They will go for test casting next week, with a view to doing the test builds next month.

Doncaster show is this weekend. We are on Stand 5, in the usual spot on the left as you come through the doors.

LS82, 1/8″ driving axle fibre spacing washers are now back in stock.

Our next show is Pontefract, this coming weekend.

Possible disruption to the site: the web host will be performing server maintenance between the hours of 2100-2400 GMT on all dates between 23rd and 31st January. The website may be offline for a few minutes at the start and end of these periods, and there might also be problems between these times.

Our first show of 2019 is this coming weekend – the Chiltern MRA show at Stevenage. We are on Stand 3, in the Main Hall.

Happy New Year everyone!
All the price changes have been made, mostly in the Markits driving wheels/axles and GEM ranges.

Two new products today. Firstly, the L&YR 20T Goole coal wagon kit (LYRD069, £21.00), used in block trains from Yorkshire pits to Goole Docks. Secondly, the B3 oil axleboxes used on this wagon (LYRC006, £4.50 for a pack of 12). The buffers from the kit will also be available separately as LYRC007 once stocks have been built up. Merry Christmas everyone, or Bah Humbug, depending on your point of view…

Our final show of 2018 this weekend – Peterborough. We are on Stand 20, the usual spot by the door from the Atrium into the Main Hall.

All 4mm scale Wizard Wheels are now back in stock.

This weekend (including Friday evening) we will be at the Wakefield show.

Hull show this weekend – remember it’s at the new venue of Walton Street Leisure Centre, Goathland Close, Walton Street, Hull HU3 6JB. Wizard Models are on Stand 16, on the left as you enter the main hall.

A new product: LS82A, 3mm driving axle spacing washers (£2.40 for a pack of 20). The 1/8″ equivalent (LS82) is still out of stock; LS82A were supposed to be LS82, but the supplier got the hole size wrong! Waste not, want not…

Also, the timber roof used in the L&Y carriage kits has finally run out. Pending a redraft of the instructions to allow for an aluminium roof and a general revamp, all the kits are temporarily listed as out of stock.

Markits driving wheels: WH200 (4’0″ 12 spoke), WH201 (GWR 4’7″ 14 spoke short throw) and WH206 (5’8″ 18 spoke) are now all back in stock at £5.56 each. All back orders for these wheels are to be posted today. This means the only wheel still out of stock long term is WH205, 5’2″ 16 spoke. Please note that all Markits drivers have gone up in wholesale price to us – we are holding the current retail price at £5.56, but all will increase to £6.54 on 1/1/19.

Three reintroduced Mainly Trains items: MT340 GWR 4-wheel carriage gas cylinders (pack of 2, £2.40); MT378 GWR 4-wheel carriage buffers (pack of 12, £3.60); and the one you’ve all been waiting for, MT220 GWR 19′ wheelbase carriage underframe (£24.00). However, I’ve only got castings for around half a dozen of the latter at present, so don’t be surprised if it soon shows up as “out of stock” pending resupply.

HMRS transfers – sheets 7P4 (GW locos & carriages) and 14P4 (BR steam era locos & carriages) are now back in stock.

Our next show is Wigan, this coming weekend. We will be on Stand 41 in Hall 2, about the same position as last year.

We will be at Scaleforum this weekend. All the sprung OLEO buffers are now back in stock.

Expo EM North is this weekend. See you there!

The promised LNER D134/175 BCK is now in stock. Order E29S (£10.50) for just the sides or E29K (£45.50) for the full kit.

This weekend’s show is Wells in Somerset – we are on Stand 55, in the upstairs main hall. Card machine reception can be a problem here…

The Mainly Trains Hornby J52 body modification pack is now back in stock (MT107, £21.00). By this time next week the new show season will have started – by the sea in Southwold.

Good news for LNER/BR(E) modellers – the artwork for the lost Comet E29 D134/175 BCK has been found and a new etching tool is in preparation. New stock should be here in about 3-4 weeks. This is the ideal through carriage for your branch line or other Big Four company layout!

The Mainly Trains J72 improvement kit is now back in stock (MT248, £18.00). Please note it no longer includes replacement buffers, as the prototype had a choice of three types.

Two more Mainly Trains products added today – MT174, EM/P4 loco chassis spacers; and MT252, GWR tender steps.

The 3-position lamps from 7mm scale Saxby & Farmer ground signals are now available separately – code SC034, £2.00 for 3.

All price changes made, and all overseas P&P changed to a maximum of £21.00.

We now stock 6 types of Markits machined, screw-on return cranks – plain and Skefco bearing types for LMS/BR, SR and LNER. They are all £9.00 per pair.

Also, the Mainly Trains stock of Jackson Evans name and numberplates is now on the website. They are listed in batches according to company (GWR being split into namers and non-namers) as there are too many to add individually. You will need to say exactly which one(s) you want in the Order Notes section of the Checkout page. Smokebox door numberplates are £1.50, GW cabside numberplates (inc. smokebox door numberplates) £3.00, BR D&E nameplates £4.50, and GWR name and numberplate sets £6.00, which are a substantial reduction on current Jackson Evans prices. There are also a few cabside plates for GW locos withdrawn before nationalisation (hence no smokebox plates) at £2.40.

They are unlikely to be taken to shows, will not be listed in the printed price list, and will not be restocked once sold out.

Advance warning that around 100 products will be increasing in price on 1/7/18. Also on the same date there will be changes to overseas P&P – all overseas orders will go Royal Mail Tracked and Signed, which means that we will be usually able to respond with positive information about overdue orders. To accommodate this, the notional P&P rate for all overseas orders will be £21.00 – in practice you will be charged the actual amount plus 75p packing, up to a maximum of £21.00.

Last show of the season coming up this weekend – Railex at Aylesbury. We are on Stand 5, the usual spot.

This weekend’s show is ExpoEM Spring at the Bracknell Leisure Centre. We expect to be in our usual spot – far end of the right hand wall as you come in.

It’s the Bristol (Thornbury) show this weekend. We are in Hall 2, Stand 86, which is the usual spot. This venue is notorious for poor reception for card machines, so please bring lots of cash!

ABWC018L and ABWC022L sprung Oleo buffers are back in stock.

Scalefour North is this weekend’s show. We are on Stand 15, with lots more of the Mainly Trains products in stock.

Two new products added this weekend, together with a few more of the Mainly Trains items. New are GCR oil axleboxes (GCRC001, £3.00 for 12) and 4-bolt buffers (GCRC003, £2.70 for 4). The Mainly Trains items include LMS vacuum brake gear, GWR Dean/Churchward brake gear and the J52 scale chassis. The former MT243 GWR token exchange apparatus has been moved into the MSE range as LS0017.

Apologies for the site outage earlier today – this was caused by the database running out of space (no warning from the host, unfortunately). All fixed now.

CWSBD and CWSHB handwheels are back in stock. More Mainly Trains products added, including GW buffer stops and the SR Mogul detailing etch.

Five more Mainly Trains products added – all loco brake shoes.
Our next show is York this coming weekend. We are on Stand 49, in the usual place.

ABWC025 and ABWC026 Oleo buffers are back in stock.

We are pleased to announce that Mainly Trains is now part of Wizard Models Limited. Following a trip down to Somerset this weekend, all the stock is now here, comprising Mainly Trains own lines and some from other manufacturers. We will be giving priority to getting the former on to the website, and some of the latter may not appear at all, as they will not be restocked – have a good look in the Bargain Box at the various shows we attend. Please e-mail with your requirements (rather than phone) if there are any items you would like to see on the website first. We hope to have as many lines as possible on sale at the Nottingham Show next weekend.

Three new 4mm scale items today: platform/yard lamp housings LS0010 (£3.00 for 10); MR short carriage J hangers (MRC007A, £1.20 for 12); and MR long carriage J hangers (MRC008A, £1.80 for 12).

Items back in stock: UC012 carriage vacuum cylinders; SCT8 signal lamps; GST3 ground signals; LS0015 telegraph pole cross-arms.

Alan Gibson crankpins are now stocked – £5.70 for a pack of 6, order code 4M42B.

Two new RDEB LNER/BR kits: the 1938 Flying Scotsman restaurant triplet (LNED255, £126.00), and its rebuilt form for the 1957 Northumbrian (LNED255(57), £126.00). SC03/1 short McK&H signal finials are back in stock.

Our next show is Nottingham on 17/18 March – with a bit of a surprise in store!

A new product – BR vertical whistle, code LS68A, £3.30 each.

BRM’s Doncaster Show this weekend, at the Racecourse. Wizard Models are on Stand 5, the usual spot on the left near the entrance.

The Pontefract Show is this coming weekend. We are in the Main Sports Hall, probably in the left hand corner as usual. BRD1/166 ironstone hoppers are now back in stock.

BRD1/163 ironstone hoppers are now back in stock.

Chiltern MRA show at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre this weekend. Wizard Models are in the main hall.

BRC023 and BRC024 BR wagon axleboxes are back in stock.

UC002 wagon springs are back in stock.

Happy New Year! All the price changes have been made.

A new top-level menu item – About the Site. This provides more information on the how the site works and the order process together with other useful information. It will be added to on an ad hoc basis. The T&C page has also been amended today.

Merry Christmas everyone!
If you wish to access the old Comet website, please note that for some reason cometmodels.co.uk does not work – you need to type www.cometmodels.co.uk

The masters have arrived for a new wagon kit – GCR Diagram 6A 12T 3-plank dropside. This will go for test casting after Christmas, followed by a test build. It will hopefully be on sale by the Nottingham show in March. More GC wagons are to follow.

Advance warning that some prices will be increasing on 1/1/18, including most Slater’s items and various castings.