C29: Wagon Chassis, 15′, 16′ or 17’6″ Wheelbase

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Etched brass fret.

Manufacturer: Comet Models
Railway Company: All
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.

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This chassis etch is intended as a free running alternative for RTR and kit running gear, or for scratchbuilt wagons. It is not designed for compensation or springing. Please note that bearings are not provided.

The kit provides for 15′, 16′ and 17’6″ wheelbases. A method of adapting for other wheelbases is given later, although 9’/12′ (pack C27) and 10′ (pack C28) are already catered for. Clasp brake etches are provided (spares are pack C14A); push brakes castings for 15′ are available as UC068.

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