SN8/2: LNWR and MR Signal Brackets

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One pair of brackets for each company for wooden post mounting. A platform is included for the MR brackets.

Manufacturer: MSE
Railway Company: BR, LMS, LNWR, MR, NR, Railtrack
Scale: 2mm - N, 2FS etc.

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This fret contains parts for one equal tee bracket for each company. The LNW components were also used for completely new upper quadrant signals in the early days of the LMS, sometimes with lattice base posts. Some signals to these designs (modernised with upper quadrant arms) may still be in use today.

This pack contains bracket and landing components only. For a complete signal, you will need: a base post and dolls (cut from SN17); signal arms (SN4/SN5 lower quadrant or SN12/2 upper quadrant); finials (scratch built); lamps (SCN6); and a ladder (SN9/3 or SN9/7). You will need to make the trimmers from brass strip, and also the platform for an LNWR signal.

The actual size of the fret is 30 x 25mm; it is etched in 0.008″ brass.

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