MT106S: GNR J52 0-6-0ST Scale Chassis Kit

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Frames, rods and brake gear to replace the Hornby original with a scale chassis; some modifications are needed to the body.

Manufacturer: Mainly Trains
Railway Company: BR, GNR, LNER
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.

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This etched nickel-silver kit makes a true to scale chassis for Hornby’s J52 mechanism. It can be built for 00, EM or P4, and can accommodate compensation or springing if required. Considerable modification (none of it particularly difficult) is required to the Hornby body moulding to accept this chassis. The kit enables the Hornby body to provide the basis for a truly accurate model of a J52 by providing a chassis having frames of the correct outline, a correct wheelbase and overhangs, and scale brake gear and other detail. The body is improved with daylight beneath the boiler and correct splasher locations. It also allows the use of high-quality motors and transmission components to produce a superior performance to the Hornby original, with more power, better response (especially at low speed) and additional pick-ups.

Complementary to this kit is a J52 body detailing pack (MT107) which includes brass turnings and castings for items such as buffers, vacuum pipes and injectors.

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