NERDC010: NER Diagram C10 12T Open Goods Wagon Kit

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Introduced in 1908 to replace the aging fleet of C2 8 ton open goods wagons, this 12 ton design was very successful, with over 22,600 built. Frequently seen at locations nationwide – a must for the 1920-1955 period. Requires split spoke 12mm wheels, bearings, couplings, paint and transfers to finish.

Manufacturer: 51L
Railway Company: BR, LNER, NER
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.

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The NER introduced the C10 design in 1908 to replace its ageing fleet of C2 wagons, which dated back to 1886. The C10 was an uprated version of the 10T C9 introduced in 1905. In all, some 22,689 C10s were built by the end of 1922, making them by far the most numerous pre-Group wagon to be taken into the LNER in 1923. Few modifications occurred to the design over the years although from 1918 ribbed buffers (NERC021) were fitted as standard. Some wagons were rated at 10 tons, rather than 12.

In 1940 some 18,710 were still in use but by Nationalisation in 1948 only 8,091 remained. It is thought probable that some of these survivors would have lasted until the late 1950s or possibly the early 1960s.

The C10 was seen the length and breadth of Great Britain.

Wagon R2 in the photos is by Paul Gallon.

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