NERDB015: North Eastern Railway Diagram B15 12T 2-plank Open Wagon Kit

£ 18.00 (Price excluding VAT £ 15.00)

Whitemetal kit. Requires split spoke 12mm wheels, bearings, couplings, paint and transfers to finish.

Manufacturer: 51L
Railway Company: BR, LNER, NER
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.


Open wagons with drop sides were part of the pre-Grouping scene. The LNER inherited so many that it did not find the need to add to their numbers. The prototype for this model was a 1920 NER design of which 300 were built at York works by 1923. 141 survived in revenue service at Nationalisation. It is thought likely that few would have survived beyond the late 1950s.

Model in the photo built by Paul Gallon.

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