SN4: LNWR Crewe Pattern Signal Arms & Fittings

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Includes 9 corrugated arms (1 distant, 5 homes, 3 miniatures), balance levers and goods line rings.

Manufacturer: MSE
Railway Company: BR, LMS, LNWR
Scale: 2mm - N, 2FS etc.

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This fret represents the corrugated steel type of signal arm introduced by the London & North Western Railway in 1883. They remained in use through the LMS period and into BR days, but all have now been replaced by upper quadrant (SN12/2) arms, often on the original posts, or by colour light signals.

The actual size of the fret is 42 x 27mm; it is etched in 0.008″ brass. For clarity, the photo shows the equivalent 4mm scale fret.

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