SM2: 7 Lever Signal Frame Kit

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A smaller version of SM1, to an improved specification.

Manufacturer: MSE
Scale: All Scales

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Chassis and fittings etched in 0.018″ brass
Levers 4″ long from fulcrum to handle, cast in hard brass; pre-formed holes for fulcrum and catch handle
Four drive holes per lever, allowing fitting of mechanical or electrical locking
Improved design of catch handles & catch blocks
Suitable for surface (as shown) or recessed mounting – both types of mounting plate supplied
Easily expanded in multiples of seven levers for larger frames
Overall size 9cm wide x 6cm deep x 13cm tall

This kit meets modellers’ requirements for a smaller frame than the SM1 14-lever kit. Provision has been made for the frame to be a unit of 7 levers in a larger frame, either during building or at a later date. The catch handles are now supplied as two ply, for additional strength in use. An optional improvement is to fit the catch handles to the levers with screws and nuts, with a washer each side of the lever. It is easier to obtain a fine adjustment this way, to prevent slop on the catch handle. These parts are included in the upgrade kit SM2/1. A new design of catch block and “U” bolt has been introduced to help in making a better job of this item. 1.5mm square brass rod has been provided for the catch strips as this has been found to be more positive than the etched version in SM1.

All parts needed to construct the frame shown in the photograph are supplied in the kit.

If you are combining two or three multiple kits into one large frame, please state when ordering so a continuous axle can be supplied.

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