SG90-2: Twin Servo Mount

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Etched brass through-baseboard mount for two SG90 servos. Servos not included!

Manufacturer: MSE
Scale: All Scales

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The Retford Servo Support (RSS) was designed by the late Roy Jackson’s Retford team for use on his layout. It was considered suitable for a wider audience and is being produced and distributed under licence by MSE. The SG90-2 RSS provides a mounting for two servoa and a platform above it to hold the signal post. The whole assembly can be inserted into a rectangular hole in the baseboard and is designed to be demountable by simply unplugging the servo leads from the operating module and removing a stabilising pin (if fitted).

The RSS has been designed to accommodate so-called ‘9 gram’ or ‘9G’ servos, as used in radio-controlled model aircraft. The specific model of servo shown is TowerPro’s SG90. Other 9G servos should fit but have not been tested. Note that a servo controller is required for operation – do not connect the servos directly to a power supply.

The RSS has been designed for 4mm scale use, but is applicable to other scales.

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