S7/KS2: SR (ex-LSWR/LCDR style) Lattice Post Upper Quadrant Signal Kit

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Modernised ex-LSWR/LCDR signal, also used by the SR for renewals and new works. Build as home or distant in any height up to 27′.

Manufacturer: MSE
Railway Company: BR, NR, Railtrack, SR
Scale: 7mm - 0 gauge, S7 etc.


The typical London & South Western or London, Chatham & Dover Railway signal consisted of a lower quadrant arm on a lattice post, with a cruciform finial and round-case lamp, supplied by Stevens & Co. Post-Grouping, the Southern Railway modernised many of these signals by replacing the arm with the upper quadrant Westinghouse type. A square-case lamp was fitted at the same time. This type of post was also used for new installations and renewals until the advent of rail-built posts in the 1930s. Some examples remain in use today.

Both the LSWR and LCDR pattern finials are included.

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Weight 60 g