S7/KM1: LMS/BR(M) Tubular Post Upper Quadrant Signal Kit

£ 21.00 (Price excluding VAT £ 17.50)

Build as home or distant up to 27’6″ tall.

Manufacturer: MSE
Railway Company: BR, LMS, NR, Railtrack
Scale: 7mm - 0 gauge, S7 etc.


Although upper quadrant arms had been in use since shortly after the Grouping, the LMS tubular post signal dates from the mid-1930s. It was used for new installations and renewals until the end of the LMS period, and by the London Midland Region of British Rail(ways). The design does not appear to have been common in Scotland, probably because most pre-grouping signals had lattice posts, which would have remained in better condition than the timber posts used south of the border. Many examples are still in use today, and new ones are still being installed where replacement by colour lights is inappropriate.

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