S022: Stevens & Co 15′ Lattice Signal Dolls (pack of 2)

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Two 15′ etched lattice dolls for bracket signals.

Manufacturer: MSE
Railway Company: (CLC) Cheshire Lines Committee, (GNSR) Great North of Scotland Railway, (H&BR) Hull & Barnsley Railway, (LCDR) London Chatham & Dover Railway, (NBR) North British Railway, (S&DJR) Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway, (SECR) South Eastern & Chatham Railway, BR, CR, G&SWR, L&YR, LMS, LNER, LNWR, LSWR, NER, NR, Railtrack, SR
Scale: 7mm - 0 gauge, S7 etc.

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Stevens & Co. supplied lattice dolls to many pre-grouping companies, most notably the LSWR, LC&DR, H&BR and all Scottish railways except the Highland. The SR also used them on both the lattice and rail-built styles of bracket. They were also found in lesser numbers on the NER, LNWR, SECR, LYR, and the CLC.

This pack contains two dolls only. For a complete signal, you will need: an arm (S011 lower quadrant or S012 series upper quadrant); a finial (SC02/13/17); a lamp (SC01/6/11/25); possibly a ladder (S09 series); and a suitable base post and bracket.

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