GS007: Sykes Banner Repeater Signal Heads (pack of 2)

£4.50 (Price excluding VAT £3.75)

Each can be made as home or distant. Cast whitemetal case and etched bezel and base. Posts and ladders needed to complete.

Manufacturer: MSE
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.


Banner repeater signals were provided when a lineside feature such as a bridge or platform canopy obscured the view of a running signal, and it was not possible to relocate the signal. They were basically of two types – independently lit, or the later type with internal illumination. The kit provides for the internal type, but can be modified to the internal type by making a casing for the rear screen. They were mounted on the owning company’s usual style of post, or sometimes hung from station platform canopies. Suitable posts are T200A (tubular); S002 or S0042 (lattice); S006 (wooden) or S0032 (rail-built).

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