MT249: NER J71 0-6-0T Conversion Kit

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Etched chassis and other parts to convert the Mainline/Bachmann J72.

Manufacturer: Mainly Trains
Railway Company: BR, LNER, NER
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.

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The NER E Class (later LNER J71) was designed by T W Worsdell and introduced in 1886 as a standard NER shunting engine, with 4’7″ wheels and a wheelbase of 13’6″ divided 6’6″ + 7′. The E1/J72 was derived from the E/J71, but with 4’1″ wheels with the wheelbase equally divided at 6’9″ + 6’9″. The two types were otherwise all but identical, leaving aside the minor detail variations found between individual members of both classes. Further prototype information can be found in the RCTS Locomotives of the LNER Part 8B and the HMRS North Eastern Record Vol. 3, while a good description of an E1 to E conversion by John Wright can be found in MRJ 12. An article by Iain Rice in MRJ 10 gives further information on detailing.

This kit provides a correctly-spaced etched chassis for the E/J71 to fit the Bachmann E1/J72 body, together with replacement splashers to suit the larger wheels. A wooden blanking piece is provided to fill out the portion of the boiler missing following the removal of the original chassis. Also provided is a fold-up etched cab interior, a cast brake standard, turned smokebox door dart handles and etched buffer beam overlays.

Please note this product no longer includes sprung buffers, as the prototype had a choice of three: 4904 parallel; 4911 tapered; or 4909 LNER Group Standard.

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