W54S: GWR Collett Diagrams G60/G61 60′ Rebuilt Super Saloon Open First Sides

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Pair of etched brass sides with the profile curve and tumblehome preformed.

Manufacturer: Comet Models
Railway Company: BR, GWR
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.

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In 1929 Pullman trains were provided as “Ocean” specials serving the passenger liners berthing at Plymouth. In 1931 the GWR introduced their own stock, officially called Super Saloons but often referred to as “Cunard”, “Ocean” or even “Pullman” stock. Built to the maximum loading gauge width of 9’7″, they had bow ends with inset end doors angled at 30º, features which were later adopted for the Centenary Stock. They were fitted out to an opulent standard equalling the luxury of Pullman Cars. Initially the windows were of the wind down “Beclawat” type but these were replaced in 1935 with the more conventional 4 element sliding vents. The two diagrams were externally identical, but differed in their interior seating layouts.

A common boat train formation was five Super Saloons and two passenger brake vans, but could be reduced to just three saloons for the fastest services. The “Ocean Liner” services continued to 1962, when a typical formation was BG/BCK/Saloon/RK/Saloon/Saloon/BG. From 1962 the coaches were used on Newbury Racecourse specials.

To avoid the need to provide a full kitchen car when used for hire to private parties two coaches were rebuilt in 1935 with a small kitchen in place of the large coupe compartment to diagram H45/6 (Comet Models code W55).

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