MT221: GWR 4-Wheeled Carriage Running Gear (3’7″ diameter wheels)

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Etched brass fret and whitemetal casting. Includes W-irons, brake shoes, vacuum cylinder, gas cylinder brackets, door handles etc.

Manufacturer: Mainly Trains
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.
Railway Company: BR, GWR

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These etched W-irons and other parts are intended for upgrading and/or compensating plastic rolling stock such as the Ratio 4-wheeled coaches (and other models using that underframe), Parkside’s Python A, Special Cattle wagon and Fruit D vans and RTR vehicles such the Lima Paco C horsebox. They are also suitable as a basis for scratchbuilt or modified kit built underframes for other GW ‘Brown’ vehicles such as carriage trucks, horseboxes, perishables wagons, etc., fitted with 3’7″ diameter wheels.

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