MT220: GWR 19′ Wheelbase 4-Wheeled Coaching Stock Underframe

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Etched brass frets with cast brass and whitemetal detailing parts.

Manufacturer: Mainly Trains
Railway Company: GWR
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.

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This kit is primarily intended to be used to upgrade the Ratio GW 4-wheel coach kits, as well as in conjunction with the etched sides produced by Shire Scenes. A pair of three-arc ends to match the Ratio roof mouldings is included to facilitate this latter application. The underframe is 30’2″ long, but can readily be shortened for use with the 26’10” bodies of the Ratio 4-compartment coaches and the shorter sides from the Shire Scenes range.

The chassis incorporates comprehensive detail and has three-point compensated suspension for improved track holding on these long wheelbase vehicles. The chassis is complete with gas lighting gear, buffers and vacuum pipes. The fret also includes two types of GW coach door handles (loop and T) and a supply of commode handrails; there are ample parts to detail one coach body on each underframe fret. The fret also includes a supply of drawbar plates.

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