LYRD098L: Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Diagram 98 54′ Non-gangwayed Third Kit (later bogies)

£ 51.00 (Price excluding VAT £ 42.50)

Complete carriage kit requiring disc 14mm carriage wheels, waisted bearings, couplings, paint and transfers to finish.

Manufacturer: 51L
Railway Company: BR, L&YR, LMS
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.


Built from 1909 these semi-elliptical roof carriages were some of the finest around in the country on introduction. They were intended to be used for high density services and were designed to use the available loading gauge to the utmost. Typically they were in sets of three, with a D87 lavatory composite being flanked by two D98s. The kit is supplied with the later pattern bogies with internal springs. If you want the earlier bogies, choose kit LYRD098E instead.

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