LNWD466: LNWR Diagram 466 Open Carriage Truck Kit

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Complete kit requiring 12mm 8-spoke wagon wheels, bearings and paint to finish.

Manufacturer: 51L
Railway Company: BR, LMS, LNWR
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.

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This was the standard LNWR vehicle for the transport by passenger train of horse drawn or motor road vehicles and other light bulky loads. They were originally rated to carry 5 tons, but by the end of their lives had been uprated to 8 tons. Earlier vehicles had exterior W-irons and vehicles built before 1906 had no handbrakes but these were added later. Like many LNWR vehicles of the period two kinds of brake cylinder, the horizontal and vertical types, were fitted indiscriminately and it is not possible to tell which vehicle had which type. Our kit is for the later-built carriage trucks with the W-irons on the inside of the solebar and a vertical brake cylinder.

Around 350 of these trucks were built, and over 100 survived into BR days.

The load shown in the photo is not included in the kit.

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