GNRC007: GNR/ECJS Gresley 8’6″ Wide Gangwayed Ends (pack of 2)

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Etched brass frets.

Manufacturer: RDEB
Railway Company: (ECJS) East Coast Joint Stock (GN & NE & NB), BR, GN & NE, GNR, LNER
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.

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These bow end ends were fitted to all Doncaster and many York built vehicles from 1905 onwards. Most GN carriages were 8’6″ wide giving them a narrower, more upright appearance than later LNER standard builds where only the brake ends were recessed to this width – check with drawings to ascertain which width you are modelling.

Until 1910 the ends had a window either side of the gangway – this was usually blanked out or replaced completely with normal beading as the vehicle was serviced/repaired. There appears to be no hard and fast rule as to when this modification was carried out so the modeller is advised to follow any available photographic evidence. Outer wrappers for three window styles and a blank end are included.

A pack contains two of the frets shown in the photo.

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