E34AS: LNER Gresley Diagrams 67/129/284 51’1″ Non-gangwayed Full Brake Sides

£10.50 (Price excluding VAT £8.75)

Pair of etched brass sides with separate droplights. Due to the multipart construction of the sides, you will need to form the tumblehome after assembly.

Manufacturer: Comet Models
Railway Company: BR, LNER
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.


These full brakes were originally built for the GE area, but would have found their way over the whole system. All but the last two of D129 and all of D284 were built with turnbuckle underframes. D129 was adapted for pigeon traffic by having extra shelves fitted to carry baskets. 70070 and 70562 were converted to bread vans in 1948 and 1946 respectively; 70261, 70268 and 70561 to Post Office Tenders in 1963, 1963 and 1948.

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Weight 28 g

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