DK1: Signal Box Interior Kit (large – 35 lever frame)

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Whitemetal castings.

Manufacturer: Springside
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.

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Lever frame quadrants x 2
Levers x 36
Signal wire adjusters x 12
Block shelf and supports
Block instruments – 3 each of 2 styles
Block bells x 3
Telephones x 3
Tablet instrument and cupboard base
Webb-Thompson tablet instrument
Level crossing gate wheel
Notice board
Desk with train register
Stools x 2
Armchair (banned!)
Stove, base and chimney
Coal bucket
Clothes locker
Signalman (complete with duster!)
Booking lad
Signal wire pulley x 10
Point rodding crank x 10
Water butt
Fire buckets x 3

Full instructions included.

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Weight 102 g