WH31: 3’0″ 10 Spoke Bogie Wheels

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Two cast centred wheels with stainless steel tyres, mounted on a 2mm diameter steel axle.

Manufacturer: Markits
Railway Company: (SECR) South Eastern & Chatham Railway, BR, GWR, LMS, MR, SR
Scale: 4mm - 00 only

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Used on:

De Glehn 4-4-2 (front bogie only)
Collett 3100/8100 2-6-2T (front pony truck only); Grange, Hall, King and Manor 4-6-0s
Hawksworth County 4-6-0

Johnson 0-4-4T

Maunsell LN 4-6-0; K & W 2-6-4Ts; N, N1, U & U1 2-6-0s; Schools 4-4-0

As the axle is flush ended, the wheelset is only suitable for inside bearings.

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