E31K: LNER Gresley Diagrams 49/50 51’1″ Non-gangwayed Semi-corridor Lavatory Composite Kit

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Complete carriage kit requiring disc 14mm carriage wheels, bearings, couplings, pipes, paint and transfers to finish. Due to the multipart construction of the sides, you will need to form the tumblehome after assembly.

Manufacturer: Comet Models
Railway Company: BR, LNER
Scale: 4mm - 00, EM, P4 etc.


The only difference between these diagrams was that D49 was 9’0″ wide whereas D50 was 9’3″. They were intended for longer distance workings, having side corridors and two toilets, the corridors being reversed on opposite sides of the body. All but the last eight were built with turnbuckle underframes; although the LNER changed to conventional girder trusses in 1931/32, there still existed many underframes that had been built for an earlier cancelled order.

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